February 5, 2024

Studying abroad

Education has a great impact on a person’s life. Therefore, it must be of high quality.

Many choose universities abroad. Read all the advantages of studying abroad in our article.

High level of training.

There are the best universities in Europe. After graduation, you can get a European diploma, which is a great advantage in the eyes of the employer.

The quality of education abroad is at the highest level. Lectures are given by professors and candidates of sciences. Therefore, you can get really valuable knowledge in pairs.

Importantly, most universities focus on practice. Therefore, even during training, you can get real skills that will be useful at work.

Exchange programs.

Many foreign universities cooperate with leading universities in Europe. Therefore, students can participate in exchange programs and study in European countries, for example, in France, Germany or England. This experience will be very useful.

Internship in large companies.

Education abroad is the first step towards a successful career. Foreign universities cooperate with large international companies and send students for internships with them. If you prove yourself well, you can get a well-paid and promising job.

Specialties that are rare for our country.

Business education, game design, multimedia, neuroscience, genetic engineering – these specialties are not taught in domestic universities. Meanwhile, they are in demand on the international labor market. In addition, many applicants dream of connecting their lives with them.

Rare specialties are represented in foreign universities. This is due to the fact that they have a powerful material and technical base, which allows for a high-quality educational process. Therefore, graduates become good specialists who are in demand in the labor market.

Flexible training schedule.

There are different forms of education in Poland. The full-time form provides classes from 8:00 to 17:00. Evening – from 17:00 to 20:00. There is a correspondence department for working students. The couple goes on weekends twice a month.

Learning foreign languages.

Today, to be successful in your career and life, you need to know several foreign languages. And admission to a foreign university is the best motivation for studying them.

Any university abroad will require a certificate of knowledge of Polish or English. To do this, you need to take language courses and take a test for proficiency in a certain level of language. After that, an appropriate certificate will be issued, which should be submitted to the admissions committee.

For public universities, you need to know state and English at the B2 level. In private educational institutions, the requirements are lower — you can know the state at the B1 level.

Studying abroad is a great opportunity to get a good job in life. Our company will certainly help you with the preparation of all necessary documents.