September 14, 2023

Study abroad

Studying abroad is always about quality and brilliant prospects after graduation. But, as in any barrel of honey, there is always a small fly in the ointment.

Advantages of studying abroad. What will a diploma from a foreign university give you?

There are many advantages of studying abroad, here are some of them:

A significantly different level of knowledge.

Education systems in many countries are built in such a way as not only to give the student the necessary knowledge, but also, no matter how banal it may sound, to teach him to learn. This means that when teaching theory, a small percentage of the total number of study hours is allocated, the rest of the time students study independently, completing various projects and coursework. Such a system allows you to form habits and skills that will help in further work.

In foreign universities, a teacher is primarily an experienced friend with whom students can discuss and ask for advice on equal terms. This allows you to make the training as applied and effective as possible.

A huge selection of programs.

Foreign universities and colleges have a much larger choice of programs than Russian universities. Here you can find specialties that either do not exist at all, or they are at a fairly low level. These areas include nanotechnology, neuroscience, game design, entrepreneurship and others.

In addition, the technical equipment of universities is much better. The most modern laboratories, the latest computer classes and access to the best libraries in the world – all this is given to their students by universities abroad.

Practice. A lot of practice.

Foreign universities often make practice a mandatory part of the curriculum. For example, Dutch universities require an internship lasting 1 semester during the 3rd year of study. All students should learn how to apply their knowledge even before graduation. The university can help to find a place where it can take place, but mostly students are already independent and cope on their own.

Semester abroad.

Even if you have chosen 1 country to study in, you may have the opportunity to go to the other side of the world and spend 1 semester there. How does it work? Everything is very simple.

The opportunity to stay in the country and get permanent residence.

Studying abroad is a great opportunity not only to get high–quality knowledge, but also to get a job abroad. And in the future to get permanent residence.

The prospects.

Agree, a graduate of a British or American university is able to impress an employer much more. And it’s not just the name of the country or the university. Education abroad is highly valued all over the world and graduates, as a rule, do not have problems finding a job. Most find their first permanent job within just 6 months after graduation. In addition, graduates of prestigious universities have a good salary from the start. And these are the fat advantages of education abroad.