September 14, 2023

Quality medical education

Higher education is always an investment in the future. Everyone aspires to get a profession that will subsequently ensure the future and give joy. But everyone is faced with the problem of choice: how to get a really high-quality education and at the same time meet an affordable budget? So we are looking, weighing, consulting.

Is it worth studying abroad? Let’s find out what the applicant and his parents are striving for, focusing on admission to a foreign university.

Firstly, it is, of course, a high–quality medical education adapted to the requirements of the modern labor market. There is a persistent stereotype that “there” are adapted educational programs, better opportunities for students to choose academic disciplines, more experienced teachers. And what really is?

Undoubtedly, entering a university that occupies a position at least in the top hundred world rankings, you get a head start thanks to the name of the institution on the diploma. Although this is only with careful training and, most importantly, paying its cost.

Secondly, these are the advantages of studying in a language environment that promotes adaptation to further employment abroad, preferably in prestigious positions. Today, there are many opportunities in our country to get an education in foreign languages.

Thirdly, these are expectations of more modern training conditions, better equipment and technical capabilities. In this aspect, the primacy of foreign universities, at first glance, is obvious, especially when it comes to natural sciences.

Fourth, a frequent reason for complaints about domestic education is rumors about notorious bribery and the idea of education in Western universities as more democratic. This is, of course, a stereotype. And rumors of bribery often play into the hands of those who went to get a higher education for the sake of a formal document and, accordingly, are looking for an opportunity to also make up a session. However, it is difficult to imagine in such a situation a student who is really focused on obtaining specific knowledge and skills, well-prepared in each academic discipline. Believe me, having considerable personal experience of studying and working in both our and foreign universities, I can say that the “corruption” of higher education is not higher in our country.