February 5, 2024

Medical atmosphere training

The prestigious world rankings will almost unanimously name you the top universities for admission to medicine, although their order in the rankings is somewhat different.

Oxford (United Kingdom);
Harvard (USA);
Cambridge (United Kingdom);
Stanford (USA);
Imperial College London (United Kingdom);
University of Toronto (Canada);
Johns Hopkins (USA);
Yale (USA);
Karolinska (Sweden);

As you can see, the best countries for medical training are Britain, the USA, Canada and Sweden. Australia is not so far away in the ranking, as well as universities in the Asian region – Singapore, Japan, China and South Korea.

The United States has captured all university rankings, both qualitatively and quantitatively. This also applies to medical education. However, quality and prestige require time, effort and financial costs.

In order to enroll in a medical specialty in the United States, you must first obtain a bachelor’s degree from an American university in any other specialty, with natural sciences as a priority. In parallel, it is recommended to take the Pre-Medical program (you can hear the name Pre-Med). It focuses on the study of biology and organic chemistry, and also provides for volunteer activities, work in hospitals and the implementation of scientific or project research.

Additionally, you should check the requirements of the medical universities where you would like to study: some of them also require credits in mathematics or English, in addition to natural sciences.

It should also be noted that studying in the USA involves considerable financial costs. In particular, before you start studying, in order to obtain a student visa, you need to show the funds on the account that will be indicated in your I-20. If the tuition fee is partially or fully paid, in this case, you will need to provide proof of payment.

There are 18 medical faculties in Canadian universities, but not every one accepts international students. Details about admission to Canada for medicine can be found in the catalog, which is published every year by the Association of Medical Faculties of Canada.

Compared to the USA, studying in Canada will cost you less, and the admission process may seem easier. In particular, you can enter Canadian universities with our bachelor’s degree. But the competition for admission to medicine there is still quite high, so your results of medical tests and English should be as good as possible.

Another option for admission to a Canadian university for medicine is an almost 10–year path through a Community College, where you can get an incomplete higher education. It is much easier to enroll in a Community College in the specialty “Nursing” than in a university, but the training will last 3 years. After receiving such a diploma, you should work in your specialty for 2-3 years, and subsequently you can get into the 2nd year of the medical faculty, where you should study for another 5-6 years.