October 5, 2023

Higher medical educational institution

Medical education is one of the most popular areas of study, and medical universities annually experience an influx of those wishing to become doctors. Candidates are not stopped by long and hard training. In addition, this work can be hard and exhausting. However, in order to work as a doctor, you must first obtain the appropriate qualifications and complete your training.
How education for future doctors is organized.
Those wishing to become a doctor need to know that medical education usually lasts 6 years. You can study medicine at public and private medical universities. After graduation, students are awarded the title of doctor.
The education system abroad for doctors is organized in such a way that graduates will have to complete postgraduate studies after graduation. It can take up to 12 months. During the internship, young doctors perform their professional duties out of a limited right to practice as a doctor.
The next stage is the opening of a specialization (by choice from a dozen possible ones), which includes theoretical and practical classes, namely, treatment, participation in duty, etc. Specialization ends with a state exam.
Higher medical educational institution: what are the features of training.
During their studies, students study the following subjects:
history of medicine;
first aid;
histology with embryology and elements of cytophysiology;
fundamentals of molecular biology;
medical ethics;
medical psychology;
physiology; radiological anatomy;
pharmacology and toxicology;
pathomorphology, genetics;
general surgery;
internal diseases
After each year, students complete internships in nursing, internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, general surgery, emergency care and family medicine.
How to get a medical education.
There are 4 medical faculties and 2 colleges. Candidates are recruited based on the results of knowledge in biology, chemistry and physics, as well as mathematics or foreign languages. Biology is crucial in almost all medical schools. Most often, candidates decide which will be the second subject – chemistry or physics. In most universities, subjects must be taken at an advanced level. You should always check the requirements of a particular educational institution beforehand. This information can be found on the websites of universities.
There are two ways to get into training. Medical education can be:
with a permanent residence card – the requirements are the same as for local applicants;
according to the program for foreign citizens, tuition is paid.
If you choose the second option, there is no need to worry about the entrance exams. For admission, it is enough to have a certificate of school education and pass an interview. Free education is possible only under the state program. To do this, you need to get good grades in the entrance exams.