February 5, 2024

Foreign medicine training

“Dr. House”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Clinic” are just the beginning of an endless list of incredibly popular TV series and films, the plot of which is related to clinical medicine abroad. Both the comedy and the tragedy of these series made us fall in love with the medical profession in childhood. But the fascination with serial fiction is not enough for a conscious choice of one’s profession, especially if it is related to human life.

What do you really need to be prepared for when choosing a medical specialty for admission? Without delving into the psychological aspects of the complexity of the profession, we discuss the conditions for admission to foreign universities for medicine.

For those who have a clear goal – to get medical qualifications abroad at any cost.

So, for those who are serious about going through the path of becoming a doctor abroad – be prepared for the following:

you need to prepare carefully for special medical tests;
Your English skills should be at the maximum level;
long-term and significant financial costs await you and your family.

Entrance medical tests MCAT, BMAT, UKCAT.

In addition to actually doing well in school in all subjects, you should be able to pass the external tests for medical applicants perfectly. In particular, in Canada, the USA and Australia, MCAT test results are required when applying for a medical specialty. This is a standardized test in which, when answering questions, you need to choose one or more correct answers from the available options. This test tests your knowledge of the fundamental sciences of medicine (chemistry, biology, psychology), as well as your ability to think critically and solve problems. Such testing is not carried out in our country, so it will be necessary to write it abroad.

Another possible medical test that your future university (especially British or Australian) may invite is UCAT, a standardized exam (a test with answers to choose from) created to check whether a career in medicine is right for you. It tests the ability to think logically and the ability to explain.

The BMAT exam is a test (with choice answers and a written part), which is an important condition for admission to near–medical and medical specialties at some universities in Britain and the Netherlands. Unlike previous tests, it is more often chosen by applicants with the highest ambitions – those who plan to study at Oxford, Cambridge or other institutions of the same level.

English proficiency test.

A fairly logical requirement for you is an excellent command of the language in which you plan to study, and subsequently communicate with patients. If your knowledge of the language is not perfect, it will indicate your lack of perseverance in learning.

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