September 14, 2023

Faculty of Medicine

In my opinion, for a full–fledged life, a person should have two priority values: the first is health, the second is education. Studying at the Faculty of Medicine cannot be called an easy task – you need to love medicine, be ready to give a lot of free time. However, having passed this difficult path, you get an excellent education and good knowledge that will help to preserve both your health and the health of others. Experienced teachers, candidates of medical sciences, in a word, professionals in their field will help to gain knowledge.

The Faculty of Medicine is working hard to modernize the educational process, relying on the experience of well-known institutions in the field of medical sciences. An example is an e-learning website, without which it is difficult to imagine distance learning. On the website you can find presentations, assignments, literature on various academic disciplines in electronic form.

As for practice, do not worry, because many subjects are taught in departments that are located within the walls of hospitals. This allows a good opportunity to get acquainted with a variety of specialties in medicine, to feel the atmosphere of future work. It is difficult to imagine a modern doctor without knowledge of English, the medical faculty creates good conditions for his study, as well as the study of other languages of the world.

For many people, the concept of “stability” is attractive, that is, confidence in the future. Having connected your life with medicine, you don’t have to worry about the fact that there will be no work in the future, since medical workers will be required in every country for more than a dozen years.

Today, the Faculty of Medicine is one of the largest educational units, every year there are a large number of applicants seeking to study at it, so you can find many wonderful friends here. Thanks to good cooperation with foreign educational institutions, there are various exchange work programs. Medical students can go abroad for an internship, implement their own projects in the field of medical education. This gives good prospects for graduates. Medical students take part in scientific and practical conferences, charity events, there are also circles where interesting practical work is carried out in various academic disciplines, trainings are held. Especially active students can participate in sports competitions. The Faculty of Medicine organizes excursions both to the amazing cities of the country and abroad. In a word, there are a lot of options for how to spend leisure time and get away from thorough training.

The Faculty of Medicine is one of the specialized areas, therefore it enjoys considerable popularity.

If you have any questions about training, please contact our experienced, friendly consultants. Contacts for communication with our specialists can be found on our website in the corresponding section.