October 5, 2023

Faculty of Medicine

Why you should choose the Faculty of Medicine.
1. Experience and traditions. The Faculty of Medicine has extensive experience and traditions of training professionals in the field of healthcare. Everyone knows that studying at the Faculty of Medicine is perhaps the most difficult – this is due to the great responsibility that is assigned to its graduates – doctors, pharmacists, nurses. In order to pass the educational process with dignity and become one of those who save human lives, significant efforts, self-control and motivation are needed.
2. Careful selection of students. The faculty is not suitable for everyone, so this story should begin not with “why”, but with “to whom”: who should enter the medical faculty. If you want to help sick people, if empathy and altruism are not alien to your character, if school classes in human biology or chemistry were given to you easily and interestingly – you are exactly the graduate whom the medical faculty will be happy to accept into its team.
But only personal qualities will not be enough for admission: only those who have demonstrated their ability and motivation to study and received high scores in competitive exams have the right to enter the specialty “Medicine”. Thanks to the serious selection of students of the Faculty of Medicine, it is no exaggeration to call the intellectual elite of the region.
3. Studying at the Faculty of Medicine keeps up with the times. The curricula of the Faculty of Medicine are harmonized with the plans of medical universities in Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Thanks to this, diplomas of graduates of the Faculty of Medicine are accepted for passing the formal nostrification procedure in all countries of the European Union.
4. If we approach the question of choosing a specialty for further study exclusively pragmatically, then there is no better choice than the medical faculty.
5. After all, now the trend of “dual” form of education is gaining popularity in education, when students take part of the training not in classrooms, but in the conditions of a working organization or enterprise. It should be noted here that medical education in this case has always been “dual” – clinical disciplines are conducted at the bases of the relevant departments of medical institutions, and students study not only on simulators, dummies and dummies, but also at the patient’s bedside: they observe operations, conduct physical examination, participate in diagnostics, and keep stories diseases and discuss the treatment of patients with teachers. Pharmacists have a laboratory of pharmacy technology of medicines equipped at the Faculty of Medicine, a pharmacy sales hall, classrooms for industrial technology of medicines, medicinal plants and cosmetology.
Study carefully – and the medical faculty will give you a ticket to a decent professional life!