September 14, 2023

A good medical university

Rapid progress in medicine brings positive changes for humanity: life expectancy is significantly lengthened, the ability to overcome diseases is enhanced, people have the opportunity to change their appearance. The need for specialists of various medical profiles is growing more and more. Traditionally complex education is becoming even more complex and very attractive to study in many countries. In connection with the pandemic, a number of developed countries are simplifying the entry and professional adaptation of industry specialists. Some, on the contrary, are closed to both students and doctors. How difficult is it to get a doctor’s qualification in our country and in the world? What is the difference in training and what are the prospects?

Education in medicine.

Traditionally, students in medical specialties in our country study for 6 years to obtain a doctor’s degree (in the international abbreviation – MD) and 5 years in the direction of “Dentistry”. In fact, the path to gaining experience, realization in the profession and obtaining an appropriate job or opening your own practice is much longer. If we talk about a qualified industry doctor, then the process of professional growth can reach 14 years, and improvement is endless. Of course, this type of training is stressful and lengthy, and further activity will never be easy. Do future students understand the complexity of this path? After all, a few years ago we observed the largest percentage of students among European countries who want to study in the direction of “Medicine”.

Training to be a doctor in the world.

Medicine is certainly one of the most powerful industries for the leading countries of the world. Accordingly, education and employment are regulated by governments depending on the needs of society and the interests of the state itself. Some countries are closed to foreigners on the issue of studying medicine, some – on the contrary – are even open for employment. But in any case, building a career as a doctor abroad is expensive and very difficult.

Due to the acute shortage of qualified personnel in the medical field, the governments of the countries have adopted a number of programs for the admission and adaptation of doctors with diplomas. Employment is possible by passing exams in the specialty and German or Czech language and passing the approbation period. The doctor can choose the direction of practical medicine or research. The introduction of applicants to universities in the medical direction is open to citizens of different countries.

It is no secret that education in Russia is considered one of the best in the world. The study takes on average from 4 to 6 years. It is different from our usual education system.

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